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I just wanted to thank everyone at Marcus Wells Pitbull Home for their time and patience and all the assistance in picking out Miss Lydia. Everyone was so kind and understanding. They all helped me pick out the right little girl for me. Lydia is the best in my eyes, she has been so easy to train, you can tell she received a lot of love at Marcus Wells Pitbull Home. Lydia continues to do very well with her training (i.e. leash and housebreaking), she has even learned the commands to lay down and stay. Smart little girl.

Keno Stephen

Sally is great, acts like this home was always hers. She adapted very well. Working on potty training. Have a video of her running and playing with her toys but I can’t seem to attach it. We love her. and will come back in future thats a fact

Linda Nox

Hi! Teddy is amazing!!! We are all so in love and our other Pitbull loves him too! We took him to vet this Tuesday and everything was great. So far only one accident in the house. Seems a little too good to be true but we feel blessed to have gotten him. Thanks for checking in!

Kelvin Heather

I just bought an Akc registered Pitbull Puppy literally just picked him up from the airport an hour ago from the breeder, I and my husband and my daughter both are beyond happy and very pleased with the quality of the puppy, he is GORGEOUS.”

Tracy & Sam

Just an update… Alistar (now mowgli) did amazing on the journey home! at first we we a little skeptical but after speaking to James on phone we were 100% ready ,we paid for all shipping expenses and he is loving the beach already!! He even started swimming with kiddos in the ocean! we are so in love!!!!

Neyci Sophia

Marcus Wells Pitbull Home has been the best thing to find. I have the best puppy who is well trained. My puppy, Juniper, is the happiest little girl who was well loved and cared for before I picked her up. Thank you all for being so wonderful and helpful through this process!!

Savannah Johnson

The moment we saw Willow on Marcus Wells Pitbull Home website for the first time, it was love at first sight! Since we bought her into our home, we are beginning to realize how much our lives are blessed by having her around. Thank your for raising such a wonderful puppy!

Kaitlyn Moors

I wish I could rate this Marcus Wells Pitbull Home website a 100 star. Our experience with them was phenomenal. The whole family is great! After a very bad 1st-time experience with another breeder that ended in a very ill pup who eventually passed, our family needed the knowledge and kindness. They truly have such a passion and genuine love for what they do. Our new little Kelly girl is an absolute joy. spends so much time with her pups preparing them for the transition to their new homes.”

Annie Baxter

Babydoll is doing great!! he enjoyed his first meal at home!! Running around checking house out! No problems with poop. he walked on his leash well and was a hit at our Petsmart stop on the way home!! he has such an awesome personality!! Thank you Marcus Wells Pitbull Home!!

Gary Nevile

LuLu is doing great! She is finally over her cough and her ear infection has cleared up. She is getting lots of love by everyone. She is eating well and gaining weight! Here are some pictures of her. Thank you so much for checking in.

Jimmy Mill

This is the best Dog breeder ever. I bought my Pitbull puppy from these people, she’s the best dog I’ve ever had and she’s just as beautiful as they advertised. They had her on a flight to me in 8 hours, they made the process of getting her super simple they also sent me a list of things to get for her before I received her which was super helpful! I couldn’t recommend this family enough. If you’re going to buy a dog buy it from Marcus Wells Pitbull Home

Jason Deko

Our family was desperately in search of a Pitbull puppy. It is apparent that we picked the most PERFECT one, courtesy of James and kim were attentive, accommodating and super friendly upon arrival to pick our cutie up. He’s the absolute most loving dog. Thank you Marcus Wells Pitbull Home for making our lives 1000% times better!”

Jessica Queen

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